Chris Perra’s Biography
Chris was a late bloomer starting drums at the old age of 14 years…. His
older brother used to play them when he was younger,.. back then Chris hated the
But growing up in a small unincorporated community in the Slocan
Valley in British Columbia, his family was one of the only ones that had a
drumset. Two of his friends had a bass and a guitar, and, they asked him if he
wanted to play? He said “Sure, why not”….

Since then he’s
played non-stop for the past 28 years.

Part of that journey has
taken him to acquire a Diploma in Music Performace from Selkirk College in
Nelson B.C. It was there that Chris developed his playing styles from the
influences of Alex Van Halen, Stewart Copeland, Steve Gadd, Gregg Bissonette,
Dean Castronovo, Tommy Adlrige, Dave Weckl, Jack Dejonette, Buddy Rich and
Vinnie Colaiuta to name a few.

Over the years he’s been hired for
his ability to play any style with the feel and nuance that they deserve,
playing/recording all over Canada and the U.S with such artists as Suzie McNeil,
Gerome Godboo, Jack Dekeyzer, Morgan Davis, Brane, Bruce Domoney, Endosuasion
and Kriya.

Chris has taught at Cosmo Music for 13 years and recently has started his own teaching studio and instruction website

Chris is a proud endorser of TRS Custom Drums, UFiP Cymbals and Headhunter Drum Sticks.

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  1. Shabana Rumane

    Hi Chris -

    My son will be 7 next month and he says he wants to learn drums. Can you please provide me details on the lessons for a 7 year old including price, hours and days.

    Thanks !


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